Gaibandha-5 in people wants to see Md. Mahbubur Rahman Nitol as an MP in National Parliament Election

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People from all walks of life want to see Md. Mahbubur Rahman Nitol as an MP in Gaibandha-5 Constituency in the 12th National Parliament Election.

 Trinamool and Aamjanta of Gaibandha-5 constituency are indicating  their support towards the leadership of young, clean image, Awami lineage in the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections.

In his constituency (Gaibandha-5), one of the Trinamool leaders of Awami League, Vice President of Saghata Upazila Awami League, Mr. Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman Nitol.

He announced that honorable Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina is giving importance to well-educated, young and grassroots popularity in candidate selection. His decision has been welcomed by the people of Gaibandha-5 constituency and the young generation. 

Born in Saghata Phulchhari (Saghata Phulchhari) is the son of former successful Chairman of No. 9 Kamaler Para Union of Saghata Upazila and former successful chairman of Kamaler Para Union no. Gaibandha-5) The gem of people’s eyes.

A well-educated, clean image young people’s servant, philanthropic Saghata Upazila Awami League vice-president, he continues to work for the welfare of the party and people, from the grassroots of Gaibandha-5 constituency of Saghata-Phulchhari upazila to the very well-known face of the people – soaked in the love of the people. 

People’s leader Mr. Md. Mahbubur Rahman Nitol Saheb – To strengthen the hand of Sheikh Hasina in the next 12th National Parliament Election 33 Gaibandha-5 seat, to build a smart Bangladesh in the future and to continue the development of Bangladesh along with all kinds of corruption-free Saghata Fulchhari is nominated as Bangladesh Awamili in the next 12th National Parliament Election. People from all walks of life are appealing to the Central Committee.

Campaigning: Saghata Phulchari 33 Gaibandha-5 Constituency People from all walks of life.

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