Patuakhali’s Baufal in 1.Km knee-deep mud between carpeting roads on both sides caused villagers to suffer

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On a road in Koukhali village of Baga Union of Bauphal in Patuakhali. About 1 km in the middle part remains unpaved. But the beginning and end of that road is paved has been As a result, the villagers cannot enjoy the benefits of the road. They are suffering. They have to wade through mud and water during the monsoon season through that unpaved part of the road. this If the part is ripe, the native will suffer. According to related sources, Baga Union No. 9 Dhaurabhanga Kanchan Chowkidar’s shop in Ward via Koukhali Bazar is the head of Fakir’s house road. Via Dakshin Koukhali Lower Secondary and Junior High School on the south side to Matleb Mridha shop. This road passes through the house of deceased Latif Howladar and reaches the roadhead of Imandir Bazar Palerdanga. Government and under the Directorate of Engineering. The ID number of the road is 578384202. The beginning of this road Although paved at the end, about 1 km of road in the middle part is not paved. As a result, the locals Can’t enjoy the benefits of the road. South Koukhali Government Primary School and lower through this road Thousands of people including hundreds of secondary school students travel. When the monsoon season comes The road becomes unpaved in mud and water. Why is this part of the road unpaved for some reason? The people of the area do not know that paving is not being done. However, they spent a long time to pave the road He did not get any remedy even after protesting to the local public representatives. Local residents and teachers This person named Abdurrahman Master said, this part of the road from his birth till his knowledge Looking raw. If the middle part of the road is paved, the locals will be able to travel freely. he He demanded that the road be paved. Mahmud Hasan, Chairman of Baga Union, said in this regard, I myself do not know why the middle part of the road is not paved. But that part of the road I have contacted the concerned office several times for clearance. But I didn’t get a cure. A Upazila Engineer Md. Sultan Hossain was called on his mobile number but he Rizvi did not.

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