Economic Desk: Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi said that there will be no shortage of daily necessities in the upcoming Ramadan. He said, ‘We have to buy daily products for TCB, we have to buy a little more for the month of Ramadan. Today, the Cabinet Committee on Government Procurement decided to purchase oil and pulses. These products will be given to 1 crore family card holder families. Outside of this, LC (Import Letter of Credit) is being opened. Initially there was some problem in opening LC, now they are able to open. We are hopeful, there will be no problem during Ramadan. The required amount of products will be available.
It was decided to purchase 1 crore 10 lakh liters of soybean oil through local open tender process and 8 thousand metric tons of lentils through international open tender process for Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) in the meeting of Government Procurement Committee of Cabinet Division today. Minister of Agriculture at the meeting. Abdur Razzak presided. After the meeting, the Minister of Commerce spoke to the journalists. He said that the daily needs of the TCB will be met with the purchase of daily commodities approved today.
So I hope there will be no shortage of daily commodities in Ramadan. In response to the question that there is a problem in the import of fruits, Tipu Munshi said that the import of fruits has been discouraged to save foreign exchange reserves.
The fruits are abundant in our country. At this time, so that there is no pressure on the foreign currency and the price of the fruits that are being produced in our country is also needed. That’s why it’s been banned a bit. It will be opened again when the time is a little better. The Cabinet Committee on Government Procurement has approved a total of 15 purchase proposals, including two proposals for the purchase of 1 crore 10 lakh liters of soybean oil and 8 thousand metric tonnes of lentils for sale at affordable prices to one crore family card holders through TCB.
The total cost will be 1489 crore 38 lakh 81 thousand 163 taka. At the end of the meeting, Syed Mahbub Khan, Additional Secretary of the Cabinet Division highlighted various aspects of the approved proposals. In the meeting, the proposal to buy 1 crore 10 lakh liters of soybean oil through the local open tender system will cost 194 crore 56 lakh 80 thousand taka. Soybean oil will cost Tk 176.88 per liter. Earlier it was bought at 177 rupees per liter. Meghna Edible Oil Refinery will supply these soybeans. In the meeting, the committee approved the proposal to purchase 8 thousand metric tons of lentils in the international open tender system. It will cost 73 crore 28 lakh 320 taka. Additional Secretary Syed Mahbub Khan said that in the meeting, the committee approved the 2nd variation proposal to extend the period of operation support of the project titled ‘Bangladesh e-passport and automatic border control management introduction’. It will cost 88 crore 11 lakh 99 thousand 774 taka. The project is being implemented by Verids GmbH of Germany.

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