┬áChairman of Badarpur Union Parishad No. 2 of Sadar Upazila of Patuakhali District Post vacancy announcement. Ministry of Local Government Rural Development and Cooperatives of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh By Jasmin Pradhan, Senior Assistant Secretary, Government Department (UP-1 Wing) on 16 February In the signed letter dated (Memorandum No.- 4600780001727002203115) mentioned- Since, Patuakhali District Sadar Upazila No. 2 Badarpur Union Parishad Chairman Tanzin Nahar Suspension of birth and death registration proceedings against Sonia, collection of tax of tk. 4,72,270 Non-matching of registration and cash withdrawals, closure of village court proceedings, digital Extreme abuse and non-cooperation with the founders of the Digital Center The union accused the UP secretary of not allowing the daily activities to be stopped A no-confidence motion has been moved by 11 members of the council and an on-the-spot inquiry is underway Allegations raised have been proved. Regarding the no-confidence motion of 11 UP members Sadar Upazila Youth Development as per Section 39 of Local Government (Union Parishad) Act-2009
11 members are open to a no-confidence motion by calling a special meeting by the officer Consensus by discussion which is more than two thirds. The said UP Chairman As the allegations brought against Sonia by Tanzin Nahar were proved in the investigation and in the special meeting The union referred to as the motion for dissolution was accepted with the consent of more than two-thirds of the members It would be expedient for the Chairman of the Council to perform the duties of the Union Parishad in the public interest or The motion of no confidence sent by the Deputy Commissioner is considered by the local government (Union Council) Act-2009 has been approved under section 39(13). Since the local government (Union Council) Act-2009 as per the provisions of section 39(13) by the Government in public interest. As the motion of no confidence was approved, No. 2 Badarpur Union Parishad Chairman Tanzin Nahar Sonia’s post was declared vacant under Section 35(1)(f) of the same Act. In the said memorandum Patuakhali Sadar Upazila Nirbahi Officer Local Government (Union 35(2) of the Parishad) Act-2009 regarding immediate vacancy in the public interest gazette. There are instructions in the said memorandum to take the necessary steps to issue the notification. Sadar Upazila Executive Officer Mohammad Saidur Rahman said, Local Government Department, Badarpur A notice has been sent stating that the post of Chairman of the Union Parishad has been declared vacant.

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