Mystery of murder old woman Amena in Muradnagar is revealed, Khuni Sagar participates in funeral and burial after killing grandmother

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Amena Begum (80), wife of deceased Taleb Ali, was hacked to death by unidentified miscreants at midnight on Wednesday, October 12, in Mochagra village of Jatrapur union of Muradnagar upazila. The victim’s son, Abu Yusuf, filed a case as an anonymous defendant.
After Amena’s murder, various agencies of the government had to work on this murder, and finally the killer Sagar was caught by the PBI.
When he was seen stealing from his grandmother’s house late at night, he killed his own grandson. After killing his grandmother, he also participated in her burial. Sagar Badsha (22), the only accused in the murder case of old woman Amena Khatun, was arrested by the Comilla Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) on Wednesday in Muradnagar, Comilla (October 18), and later killed. The mystery was revealed by recovering the weapons used
On questioning by PBI officials, the killer, Sagar confessed to killing grandmother Amena Begum and according to his information, recovered a boat, a leave and an iron rod used in the murder from Pond Ghat and 10 liters of soybean oil stolen from his grandmother’s house from a drum in his uncle’s house. PBI. The Comilla Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) has solved the mystery by recovering the weapon used in the murder.
The killer Sagar is the son of Abdul Matin, the third child of deceased Amena Begum.
The investigating officer of the case Comilla Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) Inspector Md. Helal Uddin said that four years ago Sagar stole gold jewelery and money belonging to his grandmother Amena Begum. In that incident Sagar and his cousin Hasan were fined 50 thousand rupees by the local arbitration and sent around the area with shoe garlands around their necks, he was extremely humiliated and left the area betting that he would take revenge if he got a chance in the future. Two months ago, Sagar again came to the village and took a chance to steal from his grandmother’s house last (October 12). At that time, his grandmother recognized him and killed him with a knife. After throwing the weapon used in the murder in the pond, he fell asleep naturally, in this incident, Sagar was caught after six days.
Comilla Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) Inspector Md. Helal Uddin said that on Thursday the accused Sagar Badsha will be sent to Comilla learned court.

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