Mymensingh Trishal has been fined for preparing and selling food in unhygienic environment in hotel restaurant, illegally keeping goods in place of Muktijoddha Bhaban, Trishal, Mymensingh. Assistant Commissioner (Land) Hasan Abdullah Al Mahmud conducted this operation along with various restaurants in the city on Saturday afternoon. He said that the operation was conducted in view of the removal of illegally kept goods in front of the Trishal Upazila Freedom Fighters Complex and complaints in 6 restaurants in the city. All kinds of screens or large seats are asked to be removed from the side of the seats in the restaurants. Five Star Restaurant, RS Food Restaurant, Benal Restaurant, Food Park Restaurant, JP Food Restaurant are conducting this campaign. Food Park and JP Food Restaurant were fined 10,000 taka under the Consumer Rights Protection Act 2009 for preparing food in an unsanitary environment. Assistant Commissioner (Land) Hasan Abdullah Al Mahmud also said that this operation will continue in the interest of the public.

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