The Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (Maushi) has given an opinion to recover Tk. Maushi wrote a letter to the president of the school with this opinion as the allegation of taking money from the school fund illegally was proved. According to the investigation report in the possession of Daily Present Times, Headmaster Helal Uddin did not properly record the money received from the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in the cash book. Besides, he did not properly record the income related matters of the school in the cash book, he is involved in various other irregularities including giving loans outside the rules. A perusal of the documents shows that two separate complaints were filed in July and August 2022. To Brahmanbaria Deputy Commissioner and Kasba Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO). A person named Khalil Mia filed this complaint. In view of the complaints, on August 26 of last year, the then upazila executive officer Masud ul Alam constituted an investigation committee on upazila secondary education officer, upazila cooperative officer, assistant education officer (Nazmul Haque Sikder). In view of this, they submitted the investigation report on September 14. This report goes to Maushi through the District Commissioner. In a letter signed by Maushi Assistant Director (Secondary Wing) Kawshar Ahmed on January 31, an opinion was given to take back Tk 283 thousand 925 from the head teacher.
It is mentioned in the investigation report that the fact that there is a discrepancy in the fund of about one and a half lakh taka has been found true in the investigation. It is correct that Tk 64 thousand 560 is not in the cash book for tuition fees. Tk 4100 was received from ACC but the cash book mentions Tk 1805. The allegation that head teacher Helal Uddin gave a loan of two lakh 69 thousand 864 taka without the approval of the management committee was found to be true. After the complaint, he deposited one lakh 51 thousand 750 taka in the bank. He mentioned in the investigation report that these money are recoverable from the head teacher. The report also mentions that by talking to the teachers, it can be confirmed that the headmaster is involved in creating division among themselves. There is evidence of conducting classes with office assistants and ICT teachers. No committee or sub-committee has been formed to monitor income and expenditure in the school. Maushi’s letter mentions that the investigation report sent from the Deputy Commissioner Brahmanbaria has proven the allegations against the head teacher beyond doubt. In the letter, it is requested to inform Maushi within 15 working days after collecting two lakh 83 thousand 925 rupees from the concerned persons including the head teacher according to Article 11 (C) of the Employment Conditions Rules-1979 and depositing it in the school fund. The copy of the letter given to the school president was given to several people including the Deputy Commissioner.

However, the head teacher Helal Uddin denied these allegations. When spoken to on Tuesday afternoon, he told Daily Ganakanth, “There has been a request regarding the return of money to the president of the school management committee. But now the school does not have a full committee. After the formation of the committee, time will be sought to return the money through the president. In response to a question, he said, ‘These are conspiracies against me. Allegations have been made against me for various reasons. The money that ACC is talking about is not so much. The money received after deducting VAT has been deposited in the cash book. The amount of the loan that was said to be taken has also been deposited. Upazila Secondary Education Officer Zafar Ahmed, head of the investigation committee, said, “The complaint against the head teacher has been investigated and a report has been given. The investigation has found the truth of many complaints. He said that 4100 is mentioned in the money voucher received from the ACC.

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