Leaders of the Buddhist community congratulated the President and his wife on the occasion of Buddha Purnima

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President Mohammed Shahabuddin today called upon the Buddhist people to work for the welfare of the country and its people as he addressed the ‘Buddha Purnima’ reception for the Buddhist leaders at Bangabhaban here.
“Show the light to the people . . . Work for welfare of the country and its people,” he told the function at Credential Hall of the Presidential palace on the occasion of the ‘Happy Buddha Purnima’, the greatest religious festival of the Buddhist community.
The Head of State added: “All religions of the world always tell about the welfare of people. Every religion has good things.”
Calling Goutam Buddha as a symbol of humanity and liberty, he advised all Buddhist community people to accept the best thing from the religion.
“You are part of one of the largest religious communities in the world. . . You have a lot of responsibilities and duties to establish peace and harmony in this region as well as in the world,” he told the Buddhist leaders.
“Let us be inspired to live an honest and beautiful life, refrain from all kinds of dishonest activities and build ourselves as country’s worthy citizens through good deeds,” the President said.
Noting that the religion is for the welfare of the mankind, he said, “Religion is for the people”.

He also urged the countrymen to think of doing something good for all.

The leaders of the Buddhist community must reflect the teachings of Mahamati Buddha in their own lives and encourage others to do so as well, he hoped.

Congratulating the Buddhists in Bangladesh and elsewhere across the world, the President said, “Bangladesh soil and people are mingled with ancient Buddhist monasteries, including many 1000-year-old Buddha Bihars (Buddhist temples).”

He also put emphasis on inspiring everyone to lead an honest and beautiful life, to do good deeds and be worthy citizens of the country.

On the occasion, the President and his wife Dr. Rebecca Sultana exchanged greetings with the representatives of Buddhist community for about an hour from 4:00 pm to 4:50 pm.

The Buddhist religious leaders also greeted President Shahabuddin, also a valiant freedom Fighter, by presenting a bouquet.

State Minister for Religious Affairs Md Faridul Haque Khan, Deputy Sangoraj Venerable Dharmopriya Mother, President’s Office Secretary Sampad Barua, Secretary of the Religious Affairs Ministry Kazi Enamul Hassan, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Science and Technology, Chittagong (USTC) Professor Dr Pravat Chandra Barua, Vice-Chairman of Buddhist Religious Welfare Trust Supta Bhushan Barua, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister and Bangladesh Awami League Office Secretary Barrister Biplab Barua, Secretary of the Trust Joydatta Barua and Chief News Editor of Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha Samir Kanti Barua, among others, were present.

Over one thousand people, including over eight hundred invited guests, Buddhist community leaders, ambassadors, high commissioners and heads of different international agencies working in Bangladesh attended the reception.
Chanting of sacred verses of the Tripitaka and Buddhists religious songs were also played through the sound system on the occasion.

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