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Lalmonirhat district is the name of a district near the north. On one side, most of the people of the compressed district are dependent on agriculture on the border and on the other side of the Teesta Coral Grass. The people of the area are lagging behind in education. There is still a lot of illiteracy. This time, the youth of the Maheshkhocha Multipurpose High School and College of Adityamari Upazila has taken exceptional initiatives to eliminate that illiteracy.
Not only signing but primary education, he has taken various plans, including educating the students. They are going home to provide literacy and primary education.
It is learned that out of the 4 wards of Mahiskhocha Union of Aditmari upazila of the district, six wards have already disappeared in the river. The residents of these areas of these areas are in the river bank or elsewhere in the poor class or day laborers. Most of them do not know the signature. Tips for emergency work are the only trust.
Students are going to different areas on holidays under the overall supervision of Sarwar Alam, Principal of Maheshkhocha Multipurpose High School and College. The group -based subdivision is divided into dust and goes to the door to find illiterate people. There they are teaching the signature of the pen, highlighting the importance of signing and primary education in various presentations.
Apart from this, they are talking about teaching again after 5-12 days after listing the name and address with mobile numbers. Already more than 200 people have been listed. Thus, they plan to succeed in teaching the basic knowledge and literacy to the people of all areas.
Nishat Tasnim Deepa, a student of that class, said, “We are listed in different areas to free illiteracy.” According to the list, they are being taught primary education and signature. We plan to go to different areas in phases. We will not just be educated ourselves. The whole nation needs to be aware.
Nazmun Nahar, Eva and Rabbi said, “From the place of psychological tranquility, we feel that we have to do something for the society.” We are trying to talk to sir. I get the help and inspiration of everyone. I hope we will succeed. A few days ago, when a guardian went to school, we thought that at least primary knowledge and literacy knowledge should all be for all, otherwise they would suffer in smart Bangladesh. So we are learning all the illiterate people in different areas.
In this regard, Sarwar Alam, principal of Maheshkhocha School and College, said that the work that the students is doing is much more commendable. So I am giving everyone the cooperation and direction. We want all areas to be illiterate. I will always help the students in building the society and nation.

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