A press conference of district BNP was held at Lalmonirhat regarding the situation arising in Mahendranagar. The press conference organized by Lalmonirhat District BNP was held at the temporary office of Lalmonirhat Municipal BNP at the heart of Lalmonirhat District Mission Road on Wednesday (February 16) at 4 pm. Lalmonirhat District BNP General Secretary Hafizur Rahman Babla read the written statement at the press conference. Besides, Md. Afzal Hossain, president of Lalmonirhat Municipal BNP, spoke among others. At this time Lalmonirhat District BNP Vice President Adv. Rafiqul Islam Rafiq, Joint General Secretary AKM Mominul Haque, Organizing Secretary Majmul Haque Pramanik, Lalmonirhat Municipal BNP General Secretary Md. Abdus Salam and other leaders were present. Lalmonirhat District BNP General Secretary Hafizur Rahman Babla said in a written statement that as part of the central program last Saturday 11th February 2023, mass march program was celebrated in all unions of Lalmonirhat Sadar Upazila. On the eve of preparing to hold the program in Mahendranagar Union, Awami League launched a brutal attack on the program of BNP under the nose of the police in the name of peace rally. In this regard, the district BNP gave details of the events of that day and said that the Awami League’s peace rally was supposed to be staged at Harati port, but the armed march at Buri Bazar was pre-planned and premeditated. Their program was a peaceful rally, but instead of holding a rally, they launched armed attacks on peace-loving BNP leaders and workers to create unrest. Various identified terrorists of Lalmonirhat district joined this armed procession. A terrorist group known as Lalmonirhat also joined there armed with hundreds of motorcycles. Awami terrorists vandalized the BNP office and ransacked the BNP office in heavy police presence, including the Superintendent of Police and senior police officers, which is clearly evidenced in the video footage. The members of the police force present at the scene played a silent role. After this, Mahendranagar Union BNP President and Union Parishad Chairman Abdul Majeed Mondal severely vandalized with indigenous weapons (Ramda, Beki, Critch) and looted extensively. Also vandalized 12/13 motorcycles located in his house which has video footage. On the way back after vandalizing Majid Mandal’s house, Hossain Maker, Shahidul Kazi, Majidul Rahim and Mosharraf were severely beaten and looted and set fire to shops. Rakib Hasan is the plaintiff in one of the few cases that have been filed based on the said incident. The cow that he has mentioned about the theft of the case filed by him was recovered by the police from Prabham Mauza of Kanthalbari Union of Sadar Upazila of Kurigram District, the house of his father-in-law Mofazzal, which is now in the police custody of Lalmonirhat Sadar Police Station. .

Sadar Upazila Chhatra League president Enamul is the plaintiff in another case. He has no shop in Buri Bazar. But he talks about shop looting and arson. No shopkeeper has made any complaint in the name of BNP leaders and workers in this regard. This proves that the allegation is baseless and conspiratorial.We have information that the blueprints of this conspiracy were allegedly hatched over the last few days in a jute mill.Based on the incident, several leaders of the ruling Awami League party in responsible positions and MPs of vote stealers threatened to kill the people of BNP as soon as they met. This proves that Awami League wants to fish in muddy water. Analyzing this incident, it is proved that Awami League systematically created one incident after another to make BNP’s peaceful mass march program controversial. In view of this, the police have already conducted extensive searches in Mahendranagar Union and are arresting innocent people.We strongly condemn and protest this incident. At the same time, I express my condolences and sympathies to the affected shopkeepers and demand the formation of a judicial inquiry commission for a fair and impartial investigation of this incident.

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