Lalmonirhat house was attacked and vandalized for digging a pond 2 injured

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A complaint has been lodged with the police station against 5 people in the incident of attack and vandalism of 2 people in Lalmonirhat pond digging.
According to the details of the complaint, Rezaul Karim (32), son of deceased Jul Hossain, started digging a pond on the ancestral land near the house for fish farming in Durakuti area of ​​Moglhat Union of Sadar Upazila.  But Ramich Uddin’s son Siraj, Nahid, Riaz, Anish and Fayez Gongra of the same village attacked the residence of Rezaul Karim and Rafiqul Islam on Wednesday (February 15) afternoon while digging the pond.
In this, the assailants attacked the residence with domestic weapons, iron rods, ram da and sticks, and the accused Rezaul Karim and Rafiqul Islam, who were accused of forcibly occupying the pond land, beat the two with bamboo sticks and iron rods.
Later, the accused sat inside the house and vandalized the furniture, door, window, 21 inch color TV, fridge, fence of the house.  The estimated value of which is 2 lakh rupees.  Also broke the wardrobe in the house and looted 1 lakh rupees.  In this incident, when the local residents called 999, the accused fled after realizing the presence of the police at the scene.
Later, local residents rescued Rezaul Karim and Rafiqul Islam and admitted them to Lalmonirhat Sadar Hospital.  Reg No-202/58, Bed No-33, Reg No-199/55, Bed No-34, Tang-15/02/23.
In this incident, Rezaul Karim filed a complaint against Siraj, Nahid, Riaz, Anich and Faiz Gong at Lalmonirhat Sadar Police Station as the plaintiff.
In this regard, the officer in charge (OC) of Lalmonirhat Sadar Police Station Ershadul Alam said, I have received the complaint.  Necessary measures will be taken after investigation.

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