Lalmonirhat district Implementation of Prime Minister’s promise to fulfill long-cherished dream of people

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Three coaches of the Burimari Express train, promised by the Prime Minister, have reached Lalmonirhat to fulfill the long-standing dream of the people of Lalmonirhat district.  On Sunday (November 19) afternoon, three coaches of the Burimari Express train reached the platform of the station.

Lalmonirhat, a railway divisional town, will go one step further if it becomes operational

Locals said, Lalmonirhat District is a divisional town of Railways near the Indian border.  Although it is a railway city, there were no inter-city trains in direct communication with Dhaka.  Although there is an intercity train called Lalmonir Express, it leaves Lalmonirhat station at 10:40 am with only one rake and reaches Dhaka late at night.

Again the same rake returns.  As a result, Lalmonirhat, a railway divisional town, was deprived of night intercity train facilities.  The district headquarters is in one corner of the district which is about one hundred kilometers long.  As a result, the people of the city get the benefit of the Lalmoni Express, but the passengers of the remaining four upazilas and Burimari land port, as well as passengers with passports bound for India, are deprived of the benefits.  Besides, there are trains during the day, but there are no intercity trains at night.

Therefore, the district residents have been demanding for a long time that an inter-city train should run from Burimari station in the bordering upazila of Patgram.  This will facilitate the movement of passengers with passports to India and the trade of Burimari land port.  In view of the demands of the people of the district, on October 19, 2011, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina promised to start an inter-city train here in a public meeting at Patgram Jasim Uddin Government College ground after visiting Dahgram Angorpota of Patgram Upazila.

To implement this promise of the Prime Minister, the locals have been holding various programs including human chain for a long time.  Finally, to fulfill that dream, the railway minister recently announced the launch of the Burimari Express train.  The railway minister said that the journey will officially start on December 1.  Finally Intercity Train Burimari Express is starting soon.  Three coaches reached the platform of Lalmonirhat station on Sunday to start the train.  Railway officials said the remaining coaches and rakes will arrive on time.  In the meantime, the timetable of the train has also been attached to the railway office and zoom meetings are being held periodically at the railway station to start the train on time.

President of the Chamber of Commerce, Morel Humayun Kabir, said that if the Burimari Express train is launched, the business of the port will expand.  Good to hear that Burimari Express train is starting.  Hundreds of passport holders passengers and businessmen travel on this route every day.

Jahangir Alam, assistant commercial officer of Lalmonirhat Railway, said that to start the Burimari Express train, Zoom meetings are being held periodically from the railway station with the officials of Lalmonirhat Railway Divisional Office.  For now, this train will run on only one Indonesian train.  Which will start from Lalmonirhat railway station.  Shuttle trains will be connected for the time being for the passengers of Burimari land port as well as the remaining four upazilas.  Later it will be extended to Burimari station if it is double raked.  The train will leave Lalmonirhat station at 9:10 PM for Dhaka.  Wednesday is scheduled as a weekend holiday.

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