Kalagachia Eco Tourism Center” is one of the tourist centers of Satkhira

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Kalagachia patrol post and eco-tourism center under Satkhira Range Western Forest Division is now bustling with tourists. Tourists are coming in droves from far and wide of the country. The slogan ‘Satkhira’s attractions, Sundarbans on the road’ has now become a reality.
A group of monkeys rushed to welcome the tourists as soon as they reached Kalagachia Eco-tourism from Burigoalini Kheyaghat via Munshiganj in Satkhira. After that, some deer are seen roaming around. Besides, there are a total of 334 species of plants including Gewa, Garan, Bine, Pashur, Golpata, Hogla leaves full of breathing roots. There are thousands of species of animals including crocodiles, madan tacs.
This travel spot of Sundarbans is Kalagachia Eco-Tourism Centre, which is crowded with tourists from the beginning of winter (November-January) to enjoy Sundarbans travel. Tourists come here from different parts of the country, including Satkhira, a district adjacent to the Sundarbans. Getting ready to enjoy the scenic beauty of Sundarbans.
Climb up the watch tower of the Eco-Tourism Center and see only green and green as far as the eye can see. In a word, the combination of green. Tourists who come to Kalagachia Eco Tourism Center want to get lost in the beauty of nature by taking pictures or taking selfies with monkeys.
The funniest thing is that all the deer with magical horns will follow you. If there is food such as murri or chips at hand, the deer will be busy eating them. Tourists walk through these trails in the forest far away from the locality. Here the forest is surrounded by rows of trees. But all the silence was broken by the monkey’s call and the woodpecker’s fear.
The trees around the trail are so dense that visibility drops to a few yards. And with the fear of the tiger. It’s a different feeling. Tourist Imran Hossain said about the thrilling experience that he was very happy to play with the forest monkeys. He was happy to feed the monkey.
Tourist Faisal Ahmed Shubhra said, the beautiful view of the Sundarbans surrounded by trees by the sea attracts him again and again. Dismissing his emotions, he said, ‘In the words of the poet, you will not find such a country anywhere, the queen of all countries is my native land….’
Satkhira Range West Forest Division Burigoalini Forest Station Officer ABM Habibul Islam
┬ásaid that after the construction of Padma Bridge, the traffic of tourists in Satkhira Range has increased many times. Especially the slogan ‘Sadakpathe Sundarban’ is a branding

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