2 youths went missing from Jhalkathi during the coronavirus pandemic. However, the disappearances occurred at different times and not simultaneously. The family members also seek the help of the police in their search. But they were not found for two years. Almost two years passed. The possibility of their return also starts to fade. Just when family members had almost given up hope of their return—just when word came that they had been found. However, the family members are not only happy with this news, but the family is shocked. Brings tears instead of smiles on their faces. Because both of them have written their names in the militant account. They joined the new militant organization ‘Jamaatul Ansar Fil Hindal Sharqiya’. Those 2 youths are Habibur Rahman alias Mura (23) of Baukathi Kalikanda area of ​​Sadar Upazila and Milan Talukdar alias Lamjal (24) of Nachanmahal village of Nalchiti Upazila of the same district.
At the end of January, Masukur Rahman alias Ranbir, the head of the military wing of this organization, was arrested from Cox’s Bazar in a joint operation by the army and RAB. A weapon training video recorded on a mobile phone was then found in his possession. From this, 12 people can be traced. All of whose houses are in different areas of Barisal division. Among them are Habibur Rahman alias Mura (23) and Milan Talukdar alias Lamjal (24) from Jhalkathi district.
37 people have been identified by looking at the video recovered at the initial stage. Their 2 houses are Habibur Rahman alias Mura (23) of Baukathi Kalikanda area of ​​Jhalkathi Sadar Upazila and Milan Talukdar alias Lamjal (24) of Nachanmahal village of Nalchiti Upazila of the same district.
In the early hours of January 23, Ranbir and Basha Mridha were detained by the army after firing at the Kutupalong Rohingya camp in Ukhia upazila of Cox’s Bazar. After that a new militant organization called Jamaatul Ansar Fil Hindal Sharqiya came to be known. Mobile phone videos were recovered in the operation along with arms and ammunition. Based on this video, 2 youths of Jhalkathi were found.
In 2021, those 2 youths disappeared from their homes. However, there was no prior acquaintance or contact between them. During the Corona period, they were introduced to militant organizations through social media. At one point, they left the house one by one without telling anyone, a source confirmed.
The source also said that the members of the new militant organization wanted to announce their existence by carrying out major sabotage in the capital Dhaka. For that purpose, they built a base in the deep forest of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. There they started giving members weapons handling, bomb making and military training. The video images of various times of this training are captured on mobile phones. However, information about the political affiliation of the young man was not found. It is believed that youths are involved in militancy by misinforming them about religion using social media. They are so brainwashed that they don’t even discuss these things with family or friends before leaving home.
Note: There was a series of bomb attacks in Jhalkathi, after which the then Jhalkathi government lawyer P.P. was killed by militants. Haider Hosoun. Cases were also filed against several militants. Several people were arrested as militants at that time. Since then militant terror started in Jhalkathi.
Jhalkathi Superintendent of Police Afruzul Islam Tutul said that the two youths of Jhalkathi, one disappeared two years ago and the other one disappeared a year ago. Some of the people who were arrested as militants in Jhalkathi in 2013 worked in garments in Dhaka and gave shops to one Elka. Besides, a person arrested in Rajapur Upazila is on duty in the bus and stays in the bus, but comes with the knowledge of the police, the police officer said, saying that they are in a normal life. However, the police are under surveillance, he said. Apart from this, there is no suspicious disappearance in the district, he said.

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