In a special operation of 14 BGB at Dhamirhat border in Naogaon, 06 gold bars worth Tk 35 lakh were arrested

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Rois Uddin Ahmed

Naogaon Correspondent

News Editor

Eati Akter

Sub- Editor

On April 27, 2023, about 01 km from border pillar number 267 of Dhamirhat police station under Naogaon district, after learning from secret sources that gold will be smuggled through Chakilam inside Bangladesh, the Special Operations Team of 14 BGB planned an operation in the border village of Chakilam. At approximately 2:15 pm, the suspected gold smuggler was traveling to the border area on 01 motorcycle from Dhamirhat when he was challenged by the Special Operations Team and tried to escape. At one point our other members were able to arrest him immediately. A search of the body of the suspect found 06 gold bar anklets fitting to the leg below the knee in a fancy fashion. The arrested person is known on detailed interrogation as his name is Md. Kibria (35), father is Md. Alauddin Village-Chakshabdal, Thana-Dhamirhat, District-Naogaon. He is a known smuggler of the area, there is a case of drug trafficking against him in the police station. The recovered 06 gold bars were tested by experts of Najipur Jewelery Association and it was found that these gold bars are pure and 24 carat weighing 699.48 grams. The estimated market value of which is Rs. In this context, the case was filed with the accused in Dhamirhat Police Station: The process of handing over the arrested accused to Dhamirhat Police Station and depositing the seized gold bars in Naogaon Treasury Office is in process.

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