Illegal gas connection of three coil factories in Savar’s Bongaon severed, cash fine of two lakh rupees

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Ali Hossain

Savar Correspondent

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Eati Akter

Sub- Editor

In different villages of Savar’s Bongaon Union, several illegal manufacturing factories have been established like umbrellas. The machines of these illegal coil factories are running on illegal gas connection. In the morning, Assistant Commissioner (Land) and Executive Magistrate Machuma Akhter of Aminbazar Revenue Circle of Savar severed the illegal gas connection of three such illegal coil manufacturing factories. Residents complain that these illegal coil manufacturing factories have been set up with illegal gas connections in various residential areas including Daspara of Bangaon Union, ignoring the administration. Some of these are made with toxic chemical dyes every day. Besides being cheated by the buyers by buying these illegal coils without realizing it, people of various ages including children are getting seriously ill due to the poisonous wash of these coils in houses and shops to repel mosquitoes. Aminbazar Revenue Circle Assistant Commissioner (Land) and Executive Magistrate Machuma Akhtar conducted raids on three illegal coil manufacturing factories in different areas including Daspara this morning based on the complaints of local residents. He also severed the stolen gas connections of three illegal coil factories and imposed a cash fine. Sensing the presence of the Executive Magistrate, the owners and workers of these illegal coil manufacturing factories, who steal state resources and run machines, ran away by locking the factory. Later the illegal gas connection of these factories was broken by breaking the locks. Because the owners of these illegal factories are clever, they are always monitoring by installing city TV cameras around the factories so that when they see the signs of the coming of any administration person, they lock the factory and escape through the secret gate. On the surface, it can be seen that these illegal coil manufacturing factories, dishonest owners have been cheating the buyers for a long time by making these coils with toxic chemicals and dyes and selling them in the market. Locals have not only severed the gas connection but also demanded strict punishment from the administration to remove these illegal coil manufacturing factories from the residential area forever. In addition to the gas connection of those three illegal coil manufacturing factories, the mobile court also severed the gas connection of a washing factory in Yadurchar area of Hemayetpur in Savar and imposed a cash fine of two lakh rupees. The officers of Savar Titas Gas along with the policemen were present during the operation.

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