A local gang tried to loot by illegally cutting down four government trees on the road at Domra Gazipara of Kola-Gazirhat road in Dighlia upazila of Khulna. The estimated value of the four trees is around one and a half lakh taka. The fellers named Mullah Mofizul Islam Thandu, the local Ghazirhat UP chairman, as the one who ordered the felling of the trees. However, Chairman Thandu denied the matter.
Meanwhile, on the instructions of Upazila Nirbahi Officer Mahbubul Alam, the police seized the locks of the cut trees on Tuesday (February 28) afternoon and kept them in the custody of a local person. Sources said that legal action will be taken in this regard on Wednesday. However, there is extreme anger among the locals regarding the killing of government trees on various pretexts without any kind of permission.
On Tuesday afternoon (February 28) it was seen from several local sources and on the ground that workers were cutting 3 siris and 1 chambal trees on the side of the road at Domra Gazipara on the Kola-Gazirhat road of the upazila. Gazi Ghiyas Uddin, a local resident and president of Gazipara Mosque, who was present at the time, said that he was cutting trees on the orders of Ghazirhat UP Chairman Molla Mofizul Islam Thandu. At that time, the people of Sohag Sheikh, a local wood merchant of Parmchandpur village, who bought the tree, fled with Mahendra. When asked about the permission, Domra Mosque Committee President Aji Ghiyas Uddin said, “We are cutting four trees for the windows and doors of the mosque.” Union Chairman Mofidul Islam Thandu Molla ordered the trees to be cut. Chairman is responsible for managing UNO.
However, UP Chairman Molla Mofizul Islam Thandu denied giving the permission to cut the trees while admitting that they were official.
Subrata Kumar Biswas, in-charge of Majhir Gati Police Camp, said that the police are confiscating the trees on the orders of the Dighlia Executive Officer. Legal action will be taken in this regard on Wednesday.

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