Illegal brick kilns are going on in Patuakhali under management of  Environment Department

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Kazi Mamun, Coastal Correspondent : Brick kilns are being illegally operated in Keshavpur of Baufal upazila of Patuakhali district’s Sadar area along with Lohalia and Laukathi without the permission of the Department of Environment.Even though the District Commissioner has given strict instructions to stop these illegal brick kilns and burning of bricks by the Environment Bandab Kayala, it is not being followed. On the other hand, when the brick season comes, the work in the kilns is going on vigorously. And the local administration and environment department are not seen to take action against them.
It is the demand of common people of all professions of the district that the illegal dumping activities are going on by managing the local administration and administration. Wood is being burnt openly in these illegal brick kilns. As the price of coal is high, bricks are being burnt with wood in Dedar by managing the local administration. As a result, cropland, trees and natural environment are under serious threat.Most of the brick kiln owners and managers are claiming that they have been managing the kilns by managing the local administration including the Patuakhali District Environment Department by paying huge sums of money every year.
There are about half a hundred brick kilns in Patuakhali upazila. Out of them about 20 kilns are stocked with coal only and about 20 brick kilns are set up on cropland. All other brickyards do not have any environmental department clearance.On last Monday and Tuesday afternoon, about five brick brick kilns including Bushra, Souchna, LTN located on the bank of Laukathi River in Patuakhali Sadar Upazila were seen on the surface, hundreds of metric tons of wood are stored on the river bank. Besides, the administration has been kept to show the High Court several coals which are not yet used.Several hundred maunds of wood have been stored around the unlicensed M/s Bandhu Bricks, Hanif Ullah Foundation Auto Bricks brickyard in Keshavpur area of Baufal Upazila of the district.The burning of wood in the kiln is causing the smoke to come out at high speed through the chimney. And that smoke is causing great damage to the surrounding settlements and crops.
On the other hand, 3 to 4 types of forms are used in these brick kilns. In this, the size of the brick is small and large, and the buyers are constantly being cheated.In Kharizma area including Lohalia, land allocated on government cards and the flowing canals running along the side of the land have been cut up by damming the cropland to make “Palash Bricks” which are burnt by trees or wood. And in these cases, the indifference of the Department of Environment Patuakhali is seen. Blaming the manpower crisis and overall lack of administrative cooperation.

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