Head teachers traveling to India without permission from authorities, setting up inquiry committee

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 Kajal Rani, head teacher of No. 8 Southeast Tarabunia Government Primary School in Rajapur, Jhalkathi, has been charged with traveling to India without taking the permission of the departmental deputy director. When Kajal Rani applied to the Assistant Upazila Education Officer for leave citing family reasons, the Education Office granted a total of 7 days leave from August 6 to August 12. He went to India on leave for family reasons without informing the other teachers of his school. Kajal Rani gives a paper of upazila education office sanctioning 7 days leave to the other teachers of the school who do not know where their head teacher is. Meanwhile, Jhalkathi District Primary Education Officer Md. Ruhul Amin Rajapur Upazila Primary Education Officer Md. AKM Nurul Alam Mridha on August 9 to submit an investigation report on the matter within 10 working days after investigating the complaint against the head teacher of No. 8 Southeast Tarabunia Government Primary School. Written order given. On August 8, a person named Al-Mamun accused the district primary about the travel of the head teacher abroad without any permission from the authorities. The officer made a written complaint.

In this regard, the head teacher Kajol Rani said that she had gone to Dhaka on a seven-day leave. After work, he returned from Dhaka 3 days ago and attended the workplace meeting.

Principal Kajal Rani’s husband, teacher Dulal Haldar, showed the journalists a letter of approval for travel to India signed by the deputy director of the department last April, and said that it is still valid, with this document, one can travel to India whenever he wants.

Upazila Primary Education Officer Md. AKM Nurul Alam Mridha said, I have received a written order for investigation. It was also confirmed that Kajal Rani, head teacher of Southeast Tarabunia Government Primary School No. 8, is currently in his area by calling Samirendu Biswas, who is in charge of the cluster of that school. Now his passport remains to be checked.

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