Hatibandha Model College Congratulated Prime Minister and Education Minister for a long 18 years of MPO

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SB-Sujon, Lalmonirhat Corospendet: Prime minister Sheikh Hasina, Education Minister Dr. Lalmonirhat’s Traditional Hatibandha Model College After a long 18 years of MPO. Congratulations to Dipu Moni and Local Parliamentarian Bir Freedom Fighter Motahar Hossain.
It is learned that Hatibandha Model College, Located on the outskirts of Hatibandha Upazila, has been established in the joint area of ​​population in 20 years. In a very pleasant environment on 2 acres of land, the establishment of the poor, sad and ordinary people of the area.
Students come to the college in the bicycles and bicycles from the area of ​​the dilute and rivers. All the staff of the college, including the skilled teachers and teachers, and all the staff of the college run by the skilled managing committtee, has been released this year 12), and all the stafe of the humm Released this year (January 12).
Salma Khatun, Principal of Hatibandha Model College, Said there are currantly 20 teachers and 5 employees. The Company Received Teaching Permission in the 21st. Academic Recognition Was Received in the 21st.
On the other hand, since the launch of the bm branch in the last 20 years, 3 teachers and teachers have been operating. The Founder, Principal, Teachers and Students, Students, Parents, Parents, Locals and Zamindatagans of the collegans, the prime minister, education minister and local parian for the succation of the rasults. Six zamindata college including taslim uddin, nur Islam and sultan of the area of ​​the news of the college and the scene of the sweet distribution was noticed in Various Places.

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