Chapainawabganj Shibganj border distributed free medical services and medicine among 400 needy (53 BGB) battalion. Shahjahan, assistant director of (53 BGB) provided free medical treatment to 400 helpless people including elderly women, men and children in the area under Manaksha bordering Shibganj upazila on Thursday (February 23) Thotapara. Chapainawabganj (53 BGB) press release said that the Border Guard, in addition to carrying out the duty of guarding the Bangladesh border, is also a border guard. He said that such service work including medical services and free medicine distribution will continue in other border areas under the management of (53 BGB) in the future, including public health care and protection. Dr. Fuad Kabir provided treatment as a medical officer in the said medical campaign. Besides, Masudpur company commander Subedar Ainuddin and BGB members of various posts were also present. And the dignitaries of that area were present.

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