Former BNP supporter Ed. Borhan Uddin Bitu A letter was sent to leaders of Dhaka Central Committee demanding expulsion

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Local Awami League leaders and activists have demanded the dismissal of BNP supporter Mian Md. Borhan Uddin Bitu, who is serving as president of Bangabandhu Foundation Lakshmipur district branch. The local Awami League leaders and activists have complained that since the formation of the Bangabandhu Foundation committee, there has not been any organizational activity. Apart from this, Advocate Since Mia Md. Borhan Uddin Bitu Bangabandhu became the president of the foundation, he has not been invited to various programs of the district Awami League. The reason for not calling him is that he has been directly involved in the politics of BN P for a long time. In this regard, Mian Md. Borhan Uddin Bitu has already submitted a letter of no confidence to the Dhaka Central Committee and demanded his removal from the party post. On August 15, Kamalnagar Upazila Bangabandhu Foundation President Anishur Rahman Hriday (Member) exchanged views with MP candidate Iskandar Mirza Shamim. District Bangabandhu Foundation President Mia Md. Borhan Uddin Bitu was angry with Anishur Rahman Hriday (Member).

At one stage, Kamalnagar Upazila The president of Bangabandhu Foundation threatened Hriday (member) on the phone and said that from today I have fired you from the post of president. Later, there was extreme anger among the responsible leaders of various units. As a result, apart from Kamalnagar, Ramganj, Ramgati, Chandraganj, and Lakshmipur town and Sadar thana. The leaders and activists of various units united and sent a letter to the president and general secretary of the Dhaka Central Committee against the cancellation of the post of Bangabandhu Foundation President Advocate Mia Md. Borhan Uddin Bitu. However, he could not spend such a good time with the organization. In addition, Mia Md. Borhan Uddin Bittu was elected as a vice-president candidate from Laxmipur Nationalist Lawyers Forum in 2016, but he was not successful, he lost in that vote. Later, Kamalnagar Upazila Bangabandhu Foundation President Anichur Rahman Riday (Member) was contacted over the phone. When called, he told Dainik Ganjagaran, “I have loved the Awami League party since my student life, so I am doing the Student League. Besides, I have been serving the Jubo League for a long time.

Currently, I am a member of the Upazila Awami League, as well as serving as the president of Kamalnagar Upazila of the Bangabandhu Foundation. But sad. Lage, a marked BN P supporter Hyvreed our committee district leader has become president of Bangabandhu Foundation. What could be more sad than this. Still we were willing to work as soldiers of Bangabandhu. But I am fed up with his behavior. No more, no BN PR hybrid can be our leader. A letter has been sent to the Dhaka Central Committee to dismiss the president of Bangabandhu Foundation, Advocate Md. Borhan Uddin Bitu. Monir Hossain, member secretary of District Bangabandhu Foundation’s Lakshmipur Municipal Committee, told Daily Gonjagaran that the president of District Bangabandhu Foundation thinks it is his personal organization. Therefore, if there is a meeting, there is no need to call us, he himself happily meets according to his own decision, and after a few days, without informing us, the municipal committee gives Mian Md. Borhan Uddin Bitu. He said, “BNP hybrids cannot be kept close to any BNP leader in the Awami League. A written letter has been sent to the Dhaka Central Committee in this regard, saying that Bitu cannot be kept as the president. Sainik Farad, convener of the East Committee of the headquarters, said that the committee of Bangabandhu Foundation should be formed.

Thousands of rupees have been spent, I am and will remain as the secretary of Sadar police station according to the documents. How can the president change the post while sitting at home, I am condemning those who changed the post. Convener of Ramganj police station Aminul Islam Dulal Musalli and member secretary Ripon said, Ramganj Without informing the committee of Bangabandha Foundation, he gave a new committee again, seeing all these unethical regulations, none of us participated in the mourning day ceremony of Bangabandhu Foundation on the occasion of Bangabandhu’s mourning day on the 26th of August afternoon. Due to the President’s inconsistency, Bangabandhu Foundation General Secretary Senior Advocate Abul Khanyer Bhuiyan and Dhaka High Court’s Senior Advocate Md Ismail Hossain, Organizing Secretary and other vice-presidents told reporters that all the facts are true, Bangabandhu Foundation President Mian Md Borhan Uddin Bitu broke the rules of the committee.

In fact, because he does not want Bangabandhu Foundation, an organization of Awami League, to be a strong organization, the main reason for President Bitu’s irregularities has increased day by day. Bittu, the president of the organization, has created anger among the workers by trying to destroy our organized organization. Everyone is worried about our Bangabandhu Foundation President Mian Md. Borhan Uddin Bitu, who is synonymous with BNP.

He was an active member of BNP, the enemy of independence, but without getting any post, he resorted to tactics on 5-11-2022 and introduced himself to the concerned central leaders. Secretly identifying himself as a soldier and self-sacrificing leader of Bangabandhu, he was elected as the president of Bangabandhu Foundation Lakshmipur district branch. At one stage, there was disagreement and frustration among the leaders, the leaders of the district committee, including the general secretary and organizational secretary, failed to explain it in different ways. In this situation, all the organizations of Lakshmipur district branch are about to collapse. And among the local people and the top local leaders of various affiliated organizations of Awami League, a lot of buzz has started that how a person from BNP organization was elected as the president of Lakshmipur district branch of Bangabandhu Foundation. We expect that the central leaders of Bangabandhu Foundation will take necessary and constructive steps to resolve the dissatisfaction and anger.

In this regard, the president of Bangabandhu Foundation, Dr. Mianya Borhan Uddin Bitu, has been called several times on the mobile phone. It was not possible to know the details of sending a letter to the Dhaka Central Committee stating the reason. Keep an eye on Dainik Ganajagran newspaper for details in the next issue.

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