International Desk: European Union chief Ursula von der Leyen said on Wednesday that the EU plans to hold a donor conference in March to mobilize international aid for the two countries after this week’s devastating earthquakes in Syria and Turkey. FP news. Von der Leyen tweeted, “We are now racing against the clock to save lives together.” We will soon provide relief assistance together. In this case, Turkey and Syria can rely on the European Union. The European Union said the conference will be held in Brussels early next month in coordination with the Turkish authorities to raise funds from the international community to help the people of Turkey and Syria. “When a tragedy like this strikes people, no one should be left alone,” Vonder Leyen said in a statement. According to the bloc, the conference will aim at an international response to the disaster and will be open to EU member states, neighboring countries, UN members and international creditors. The European Union rushed rescue teams to the country after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Turkey near the Syrian border on Monday. Meanwhile, the bloc’s commissioner for crisis management said that Damascus made a formal request for help to the European Union on Wednesday.

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