“Drugs must be eradicated permanently by rooting out sources of supply” – Local Government Minister

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Minister of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives. Tajul Islam said, permanent and free use of drugs  Eliminating drugs requires rooting out the source of drug supply. All conscious citizens of the country including the Drug Control Department, law enforcement agencies must take a stand against drugs.

Minister in a round table meeting on ‘Drug Addiction – Crime or Mental Illness and its Remedy’ held at Sirdap Auditorium today (Wednesday)¬† During the chief guest’s speech, he said these things to those present

Tajul Islam said that no drugs are produced in Bangladesh. Drugs enter Bangladesh from neighboring countries So why can’t we close the entrance of drugs? Drug entry routes should be identified At the same time, drugs should be eradicated by identifying those involved in drug trade or drug supply and taking legal action. Everyone must be committed to eliminating drugs.

Calling for the development of social movement against drugs, the minister said, as part of the widespread social movement against drugs, education institutions should discuss the harmful aspects of drugs at various levels with teachers, students and parents, as well as practice healthy culture and ensure participation of students in various extra-curricular activities and anti-drug activities. It should include. To increase awareness against drugs, information about the physical and psychological effects of drugs should be easily conveyed to people.

The Minister of Local Government thinks that lack of sufficient entertainment and lack of sports fields in other cities including Dhaka is one of the reasons for young boys becoming addicted to drugs. In this context, he said, there is lack of sufficient entertainment and lack of sports fields in our cities. As a result, young adults are attracted to drug use to spend their leisure time. Just as 25 percent of a city plan should be for communication, 15 percent should be for drainage, sports and recreation.

Organized by Athena Limited and Brigadier General (Retd.) Professor Dr. Md. Under the chairmanship of Azizul Islam, parliament member Zara Jabin Mahbub, Director General of Narcotics Control Directorate Khandaker Mostafizur Rahman, distinguished journalist Iqbal Sobahan Chowdhury, distinguished medical doctor Dr. Arup Ratan Chowdhury, media personality Meher Afroz Shaon and many others.

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