A human chain and protest rally was held to demand the relocation of dangerous electricity high voltage of rural electricity above the class room of Saturia Rahmatiya Dakhil Madrasa, Rajapur, Jhalkathi. Local people including the leaders of the managing committee, teachers, students and parents participated in the human chain organized at the madrasa premises at 11 o’clock on Wednesday. Madrasah President Alhaj Md Munsur Alam, Superintendent Shahidullah Akon, Assistant Superintendent Omar Farooq, Enamul Kabir spoke in this program. Speakers said, there are 2 poles adjacent to the tinset classroom of Madrasah and the high voltage of dangerous electricity for a long time. With which everyone including the students have to be in fear of accidents all the time. Recently, a multi-storied building has been allocated in the name of this madrasa, but because of the electricity cables and poles, there are obstacles in starting the construction work. In such a situation, without removing the electricity wires and poles, they are currently trying to replace the wooden poles with paved poles. Therefore, it was demanded to quickly remove the cable and pole from the north side of the madrasa. In this regard, the Madrasa authorities have written to GM and UNOK of Rural Electricity. In this regard, Rural Electricity Rajapur Zonal Office AGM (O&M) Madhusudan Roy said that people are being sent, necessary measures are being taken in this regard.

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