Saudi Arabia is going to build a huge quadrangular building. This wonderful design building is being built in the center of the capital Riyadh.Last Thursday (February 16), the country’s prime minister, Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, announced the project named ‘New Murabba’. According to information sources, Saudi Prince Salman has announced the establishment of a company to implement the project. Its name is ‘New Murabba Development Company’. He himself will be the chairman of this company. Prince said in the announcement that the company’s main task will be to build the world’s largest modern city in Riyadh.
The historic project will be funded by the Saudi government’s Public Investment Fund. In a statement last Thursday (February 16), the company said, the project will have a museum, a technical university, a theater and more than 80 entertainment venues.At the center of this project i.e. in the center of the modern capital city will be constructed a large quadrangular building. Which is named ‘The Mukab’. A synonym of the English word is ‘cube’. Which means something with a quadrilateral.The length of ‘The Mukab’ will be 400 meters. Width and height is also 400 meters. Calling it a ‘gateway to another world’, the Public Investment Fund said ‘The Mukab’ will be the world’s first three-dimensional destination. It would be big enough to hold 20 Empire State Buildings.If this project is implemented, it is expected to add 180 billion riyals or 48 billion to the Saudi economy. Not only that, it is said that 3 lakh 34 thousand direct and indirect new jobs will be created.

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