complaint against OC ,victim and public representative detained in police station without taking case

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Md. Faruk Ahmed Mollah

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It has been alleged that a pregnant woman and her family members were beaten up and injured by opponents in Shariatpur’s Naria Upazila.

When the police tried to file a case in this incident, instead of taking the case, the woman’s husband and a local public representative were detained at the police station for 5 hours.

Today (June 24) at ten o’clock in the morning on Monday, the victim’s family made the complaint in a press conference organized at a media house in Shariatpur district headquarters.

However, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Nadia police station Mostafizur Rahman denied the allegations.

According to the complaint source, there was a dispute between Jasim Mridha, a resident of Demergaon village, Ward No. 5 of Bijhari Union of Naria Upazila, and Faruk Mridha of the same area and his people over a Sanko.

About this last June 18 at around 8:30 pm, a quarrel and a fight took place between the two parties.

At that time, 10 to 15 people including Farooq Mridha, Hridoy Mridha, Khalek Mridha, Shakeel Mridha, Delu Bepari beat and injured expatriate Jasim Mridha, Jasim Mridha’s pregnant wife Fatema Akhtar Rupa, mother Johnny Begum and son Salman Mridha.

In the press conference, Jasim Mridha complained and said, “If Faruk Mridha and his people forcefully want to make a baser sanko for traveling through our place, we block them.” They are angry with us. The day after Qurbani Eid around 8:30 PM, as soon as I reached home after taking my pregnant wife to the doctor, Faruk Mridha and his men attacked us with sticks in a pre-planned manner. They beat my pregnant wife, old mother, my son and me and seriously injured me.

Jasim Mridha said, to file a case in this incident, I and my wife went to Nariya police station around 9:30 that night along with local UP member Akkas Chayal as a public representative. But the OC of the police station did not take our case but instead abused us in unspeakable language. Later I left with my wife for admission to Shariatpur Sadar Hospital. When I reached Bhojeshwar Bazar, the police station called me and said, you come to the police station, your case will be taken. After receiving a call from the police station, I immediately left my wife there and went to the police station. Called to take a case and took me to the police station and kept me and UP member Akkas Chhayal in the police station for 5 hours. After being released from the police station around 3 o’clock in the night, I admitted my wife to Shariatpur Sadar Hospital.

Jasim Mridha said, since the police did not take the case, I went to the court and filed a case in this regard. My pregnant wife is still undergoing treatment at Shariatpur Sadar Hospital. I want a fair trial of this incident.

Jasim Mridha, Jasim Mridha’s wife Fatema Akhtar Rupa and mother Johnny Begum were present in the press conference.

Akkas Chhayyal, a member of Ward No. 5 of Bijhari Union, said that when Faruk Mridha and his men forcibly went to construct a sanko with Jasim Mridha’s place, Jasim Mridha blocked it. Faruk Mridha and his men got angry and premeditatedly attacked Jasim Mridha and his family members. Jasim Mridha’s pregnant wife was seriously injured. When Jasim Mridha went to file a case with his injured wife and me at the Naria police station, the police station OC Mustafizur Rahman did not take the case and instead abused Jasim in unspeakable language. At this time I advise Jasim to go and complain to SP Sir. Later, Jasim left for Shariatpur Sadar to get his wife admitted to the hospital. I was still at the police station. Later they called Jasim and brought me to the police station and kept me and Jasim in the police station for 5 hours. Then OC Mustafizur Rahman said, you have so much courage, you want to complain against me to SP sir. Later we were released from the police station around three o’clock in the night. OC Mustafizur Rahman abused his power with us.

Accused Faruk Mridha said, Jasim Mridha and his men blocked us when we were going to build a bridge over the canal for traffic. There was an argument between the two parties and a small scuffle. The matter was later settled.

In this regard, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Naria Police Station, Mostafizur Rahman, said that the allegation of being detained at the police station for 5 hours is completely false. Two sides fought over a Sanko. No one was injured. It is a simple event. Still I said if you complain action will be taken. Later I hear they will be settled. The matter of not taking or withholding the case is completely false.

Shariatpur Superintendent of Police in this regard. Mahbubul Alam said, I do not know anything about this. If a written complaint is received, the matter will be investigated.

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