Comilla  Muradnagar in a rod cement trader named Alamgir Hossain was attack for not paying a contribution of one lakh taka. Satta Traders of Metonghar Bus Stand under Bangra Bazar Police Station of Upazila on Tuesday evening

This happened. On Wednesday afternoon, the bloodied picture of the businessman and the video of the brutal attack went viral on social media. Although a written complaint was lodged at Bangra Bazar police station this afternoon, the police have yet to arrest the members of the extortion gang. Meanwhile, in the event of such a brutal attack on a businessman coming to the business establishment, there is concern among ordinary businessmen.

Alamgir Hossain, a businessman who was injured in the attack, said that a group of 10/12 people including Matin, Mizan, Arafat, Adib of Hasnabad village of Metonghar area had been demanding a contribution of one lakh taka after coming to his own business company Satta Traders. But the businessman Alamgir expressed his inability to pay them. The extortion gang was looking for various strategies to quarrel with him. Later on Tuesday evening, the gang hacked businessman Alamgir to death with indigenous weapons. These images of the attack on him in his business were caught on the CC camera. Photos and video footage of the attack went viral on social media on Wednesday afternoon. This created a strong reaction among the businessmen and local residents. Local traders and residents demanded immediate arrest and exemplary punishment of those involved in the incident.
In this regard, OC of Bangra Bazar police station Riaz Uddin Chowdhury said, after receiving the complaint, we came to know that the incident happened due to a previous dispute, we will investigate the matter and take legal action.

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