Attack on protesters demanding removal of registrar in Pobi Prabi; Slow situation

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Md. Delwar Hossain : On the 10th day of the ongoing strike and sit-in strike on the issue of promotion of officers and employees in Patuakhali University of Science and Technology (PABIPROBI), two groups attacked each other. At the same time, tension spread inside and outside the campus as the locals along with the relatives of the agitators along with the local youth-student leagues demonstrated against the two main gates outside the campus.
Authorities have deployed additional police in the campus to control the violent situation.
According to eyewitnesses and campus sources, Pobiprabi Officers Association President Saidur Rahman Jewel and General Secretary Wajkuruni led by the union of all the officers-employees on the issue of three stages of development started from January 30. On the 9th day of the movement, the announcement of the removal of the register created a dichotomy among the officials.
Association president Saidur Rahman Jewel supported the officials yesterday Thursday in front of the administrative building protest and strike when the registrar Dr. When the group supported by Kamrul Islam protested the change of issue and announced the boycott of the movement, the two groups clashed, pushed and attacked each other. As soon as the news spread outside, the local students and Jubo League supported by the Registrar gathered at the main gate of the university and protested against those who created the unstable situation in the name of agitation. On the other hand, at the west gate of the university, students supported by Saidur Rahman Jewel and a group of Jubo League started demonstrating against the counter-registry. The three-pronged protest and tough stance has created intense tension on and off the campus. In such a tense and tense situation, the university authorities have deployed extra police in the campus fearing violence. Officers Association President Saidur Rahman Jewel said that the main obstacle to the implementation of the demands of the officers and employees is Kamrul Islam, the acting registrar. Therefore, if he (the registrar) cannot be removed, the demand will not be realized – that is why the movement is being made for the one-sided demand for the removal of the registrar. Jewel asked who attacked
He said that the flattering miscreants in the administration and some identified by the registrar were conspiring to thwart the Chamna movement and openly attacked them. The former General Secretary of the Officers’ Association Md. Jasim Uddin Badal denied the allegations of attack and said, “We have protested against the issue of Tara (Jewel Gong) by uniting everyone in the movement and turning it into an individual outrage. We left when there was a heated exchange of words and push and shove with them.

An official, who did not wish to be named, said that a local public representative is shouting slogans against the backdrop of the university agitation. By removing the registrar, his loyal former Chhatra League leader Saidur Rahman Jewell is using his loyal former BLA leader Saidur Rahman Jewell to move the removal of the registrar as an issue. Realizing the issue, many general officers of the university have retreated from the movement.
Meanwhile, at 12:30 pm on Thursday, Patuakhali District League President Birmuktijoddha Kazi Alamgir, General Secretary Birmuktijoddha VP Abdul Mannan, Dumki Upazila Parishad Chairman Md. Haroon Or Rashid Howladar came to the campus and held a meeting with the university authorities. The authorities have accepted all the demands for upgradation. Acting Registrar Kamrul Islam has been relieved of his duties and Professor Dr. Santosh Kumar Basu of the Department of Horticulture has been assigned the additional duties of Registrar.

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