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Allegation of the death of 2-month-old baby Hossain due to wrong treatment has been raised against doctor M Qayyum of the local Holy Care Hospital. The incident took place in the NICU of Holy Care Hospital in Comilla city on Sunday. The director of the hospital, Dr., attacked the journalists to cover the news and broke the camera of DBC. Morshedul Alam. The injured DBC camera person Bilpab is undergoing treatment at Comilla General Hospital.

The deceased child Hossain is the son of Soleman of Garkaipur village of Goliara South Union of Comilla Sadar Dakshin Upazila. Due to the sudden attack on journalists, the director of the hospital Dr. Journalists demanded appropriate punishment for Morshed. The child’s father is Soleman He was admitted to Holy Care Hospital last 14 days with fever and cough. Later the child was treated by Dr. MA Qayyum. The doctors of Holy Care Hospital applied the medicine according to the medical certificate given by him. At one stage, the child was treated for 10 days as he had pneumonia. Later, when the relatives asked how the child was doing, Dr. Qayyum said that the patient was better than before. Suddenly at the end of 13 days they said that the baby’s condition is bad and need to be taken to Dhaka. Then another doctor asked Shimul to do an echo. He quickly brought the baby to K Ali Children’s Hospital. Doctor Shimul said that the baby has a heart problem. You have been treated wrongly as pneumonia for so long. Then the doctor advised to take him to Dhaka. . It was decided to take him to Dhaka when the doctor informed him that the patient had died.

The victim’s father Soleman said, Dr. Qayyum is killing my baby with wrong treatment. Last 14 days ago my baby got pneumonia and admitted to NICU. But after 13 days, another doctor Shimul found out that the child did not have pneumonia, the child had a heart problem. Later, I will take you to Dhaka quickly, while another doctor says that your baby is dead. He demanded justice saying that doctors and hospital authorities had given wrong treatment.

As the accused doctor Qayyum could not be found, it was not possible to get his statement.

The injured DBC camera person Bilab said that when I went to cover the news, my camera was broken and one of my hands was crushed and the camera was snatched away. I want justice.

Hospital director Dr. Morshedul Alam said, I asked the journalist to meet me downstairs. I was angry why they didn’t meet. If the patient has a complaint, he is asked to complain to the police station. President of Comilla Press Club Lutfur Rahman said, We strongly condemn and protest against such attacks.

In this regard, Comilla Civil Surgeon Dr. Nachima Akhter said, “Holy Care Hospital will be investigated.” The child’s father complained to the police about this And when contacted the police said that the matter will be brought under investigation subject to trial.

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Touhid Hossain Sorker

Cumilla Correspondent

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