Approved action plan will play an important role in conservation of sharks and reef fish – Environment Minister

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PT Desk : Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Md. Shahab Uddin said that the government has approved the ‘National Conservation Strategy and Plan of Action for Sharks and Rays in Bangladesh 2023-2033’ to reduce over-harvesting of sharks and sharks and ‘ Non-Detriment Findings’ will play an important role in preventing the decline of 2 endangered shark species and 2 reef fish species. He said that the conservation of sharks and stingrays will be ensured by implementing action plans through better management, regular monitoring, law enforcement and stakeholders’ involvement. Approval of ‘Non Detriment Findings’ and ‘National Conservation Strategy and Plan of Action for Sharks and Rays in Bangladesh 2023-2033’ for 2 shark species and 2 Shapla pata fish species prepared under Sufal project held in the meeting room of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change today on Wednesday. Environment Minister said these things in the related meeting. The Environment Minister said sharks and swordfish are important to the health of our coastal and marine ecosystems. However, overfishing and illegal international trade in their body parts are threatening their existence. Shark and ray fish species that are at high risk of extinction are strictly protected by our national laws. All law enforcement agencies must effectively enforce laws to protect these species. The support of Customs, Police, Border Guard, Navy, Coast Guard and Maritime Police is crucial to prevent the extinction of these species and stop the illegal wildlife trade. The Forest Minister said that this strategic plan related to sharks and betel leaves has been prepared through discussions with various agencies, departments, ministries, traders, communities and foreign consultants. The National Conservation Strategy and Plan of Action prepared for sharks and stingrays in Bangladesh is not only a strategic guideline for actions taken on a priority basis for their conservation. Rather, exemplary guidelines for improving their condition. We must act collectively now to ensure the protection of sharks and swordfish. Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change at the meeting. Farhina Ahmed, Ministry Additional Secretary (Development) Mizanul Haque Chowdhury, Additional Secretary (Climate Change) Md. Moniruzzaman; Additional Secretary (Paduni) Md. Mizanur Rahman, Chief Forest Conservator Md. Amir Hossain Chowdhury; Govind Roy, Project Director of Sustainable Forestry and Livelihoods (Sufal) Project; Senior Manager of Wildlife Conservation Society Elizabeth Farney Mansoor, Program Advisor and various officials of the Ministry were present.

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