Apart from two isolated incidents today, voting was peaceful in West Bengal’s Sagardighi

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Eati Akter


Voting was held in Sagardighi of West Bengal’s Murshidabad district today in a free and peaceful manner. From this center in 2021, West Bengal Minister Shri Subrata Saha won for Trinamool Party. Elections are held today to fill his vacant seat. This center earlier belonged to the Indian National Congress. But later Trinamool Party’s former candidate Subrata Saha won. And West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee made him the Minister of West Bengal. We will have to wait until 2/3/23 to find out who will take over the center after his death. However, Trinamool Dal leaders and workers jumped to retain this centre. Likewise, Adhir Chowdhury, Leader of Opposition in Indian Lok Sabha and MP from Baharampur Lok Sabha constituency and leader of Indian National Congress, continued to fight with his leaders and workers to get this center in the hands of the Indian National Congress. He also supported Indian National Congress candidate Byron Biswas on behalf of the Left Front. As the Left Front of West Bengal currently has no member in the Legislative Assembly, they want their alliance candidate Byron Biswas to win. India’s BJP candidate is in the field. They are trying to win votes from Muslim dominated areas. However, Indian National Congress candidate Byron Biswas is slightly ahead in all aspects. But who will have the last laugh will have to wait till March 2nd.

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