Actress Anika Tabassum paid humble respect to martyrs of all languages

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Ekush’s spirit has made us proud. Durjoy gave courage. ‘Ekush means not bowing down’ – this eternal slogan is still glowing with pride. Twenty-one means strong protest against injustice, pledge of goodwill against all bigotry and narrow-mindedness. There was no exception to this in the language movement of 52. The sacrifices of those language martyrs who gave their lives to protect the rights of their mother tongue is our inspiration to move forward. Actress Anika Tabassum paid humble respect to martyrs of all languages on International Mother Language Day. This tribute was given in a message sent to the media on Monday (February 20) morning. He said, the great martyr’s day is the memory of the bloody language movement. Also International Mother Language Day. On this day in 1952, Rafiq, Salam, Barkat, Safiur, Jabbar shed their blood to preserve the dignity of mother tongue Bengal. Dukhini alphabet, mother tongue was unchained in their blood. The struggle for the development of Bengali ethnicity, which began on that day, culminated in the emergence of independent Bangladesh through the glorious path of the Liberation War. February 11 has therefore become a symbol of eternal motivation for Bengalis.

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