A press conference demanding arrest of accused accused of throwing acid and torture of women

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SB-Sujon, Lalmonirhat Corospendet : The plaintiff has made a press conference demanding the arrest of the chief accused in the acid throwing and women torture case in Lalmonirhat.
The press conference was held on Tuesday (February 7th) at 2 pm at the New Bangla news office in the city’s Lighting Moda.
At the press conference, the victim said that on October 28, the son of the people of both families was married in the presence of two families in Adityamari upazila, Afzal Hossain Apon (1), son of Musa Mia of Big Kamalabari village.
After a year, the dowry of Tk 1 lakh demanded dowry. After the death of Victim’s father, the two brothers and sisters of the stars have been raised by the mother of the next house. After that, my widow’s mother explained to Afzal with 2 thousand taka with 2 thousand rupees.
On March 2, when the food was eaten on the night of the night, my ex -husband Md. Afzal Hossain alias Apan spoke to the rest of the dowry. At one stage, the people of his family were beaten by his family for 5 days, according to the pre -planned acid -filled bottle, and threw the dowry of the dowry of the dowry.
Later, the neighbors came forward with his self -tragedy and rescued him and informed the family members at Lalmonirhat Sadar Hospital.
The victim filed a case in the Lalmonirhat court with the help of the Department of Women and Children Affairs while undergoing treatment.
Afzal Hossain alias (Apan), the main accused in the women’s torture case, did not appear in the court for five times in the case for more than five years. He has been absconding since the day of the incident. Two arrest warrants at Adityamari Police Station are under the name of the accused Afzal Hossain Apar. The accused Md. Musa Mia (1), the accused accused in the case, is being released from the chargesheet of the case.
The victim claimed in the writing statement, the police could catch the accused if desired. The accused has threatened to withdraw the case on the mobile phone more than once, which the police have been informed by his family. But the police are not arresting the accused for invisible reasons. On the contrary, the plaintiff’s family is being told to arrest the accused. The helpless widow’s mother and daughter -in -law’s expenses and the expenses of the case have been relaxed, said at a press conference. At present, the family is living in the bass of others in a polythene house.
In the press conference, the journalists present at the press conference said, “You are the mirror of the nation.” Your writing helps the helpless. Therefore, the widow’s mother’s helpless daughter Acuti, my chief accused, Md. Afzal Hossain, should take appropriate action to take the necessary steps to implement my verdict in obeying the wise court.

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