36 allegations of corruption including misappropriation of project money against UP Chairman Biswajit in Galachipa

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 36 complaints have been received against the Chairman of Dakua Union Parishad No. 6 of Galachipa Upazila of Patuakhali, including embezzlement of money for various projects and other activities of the Union Parishad. Complaints have been submitted in 08 offices including Local Government, Ministry of Rural Development and Cooperatives, Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, Ministry of Fisheries and Animal Resources, Divisional Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Patuakhali, Anti Corruption Commission ACC Head Office, Upazila Executive Officer Galachipa, Press Club Patuakhali. In this regard, a complaint was made to the Deputy Commissioner, Nur Qutubul Alam has instructed Upazila Nirbahi Officer Galachipa to submit the investigation report. According to the complaint, although there is a provision to work the project by the workers in the Rural Infrastructure Reform (TR, Kabikha-Kabita) 40-day program with the connivance of the project officer, the chairman ignored the rules and regulations and made them work on the excavator machine or VECU machine and the name and mobile number on the list of workers. They have been given by the chairman’s own people, his relatives have stolen millions of rupees by leaving the mobile sims in the chairman’s possession. Also (AGSP), Land Transfer Tax 1%, Khayaghat Lease Allocation, Development Assistance Fund, Kovid-19 Allocation, Withdrawal of large amount for installation of tube wells, Hut Lease amount, MP Allocation, ADP Allocation, Trade License Corruption, VWB/VGD Card And financial transactions to provide humanitarian assistance to fishermen and money laundering with irregularities in the time of rice distribution, misappropriation of allocations by irregularities in the Union Parishad, misappropriation of allocations for construction of CCTV in various temples, scheme of building ghatla of own house temple. Several complaints have been received including misappropriation of money, construction of godowns under the union council without respecting the rules by changing the design of the union council.

According to the details of the irregularities, three project allocations were received by showing different names on a road in Ward No. 5 and implementation of the scheme was embezzled from the other two allocations. Similarly, 1 in Ward No. 2, 1 in Ward No. 4, 5 in Ward No. 6, 2 in Ward No. 7, 1 in Ward No. 9 with different names have been shown and the remaining project money has been embezzled by spending the allocation of 1 project. He worked in many other places including the construction of box culverts in Ward No. 2 after the allegations showed that he had committed corruption. The fact of misappropriation of money without working with the allocated money was found in 1, among them, 1 in Ward No. 1, 4 in Ward No. 2, and 1 in Ward No. 5. Irregularities in the construction of culverts. Construction of pools (LGSP) and the scheme was implemented by showing allocation from the development assistance fund, but in reality, the allocation money was embezzled by building pools with old materials from different places of the union. 1 pool is constructed. The money for filling the ground at Garuru Hut in the part of Ulania Bazar Dakua was embezzled with the money allocated for the lease of the hut, but after the complaint, it was shown to be partially completed. Embezzlement of (LGSP’s) allocation by constructing roads with ADP money for the construction of community clinic roads in Ward No. 6. Chairman Biswajit Roy, his associate Hanif Gazi, Ward No. 5 UP member, Panel Chairman-1, and Ward No. 2 UP member Zahirul Islam are continuing these corruptions. There are many victims involved in the case.

According to the trade license, the signature of the secretary is the rule, but the money is collected with the signature of Zahirul Islam, a member of Ward No. 2, which is an act outside the law of 2021 of the local ministry. They embezzled money by printing trade license books and sharing them among themselves without depositing the revenue in the government fund. Hanif Ghazi is alleged to have withdrawn multiple TCBs in the name of his wife and other family members. In this regard, Biswajit Roy, chairman of Daqua Union Parishad No. 6, was absent from the council. When asked to speak at the upazila office, he refused to speak. Upazila Nirbahi Officer Mohiuddin Al-Helal said that three special committees have been formed to investigate the allegations of embezzlement of money through irregularities and corruption in the project against the chairman of Dakua Union. The technical investigation report is correct and legal Action will be taken by the higher authorities, Ministry of Local Government. It may take two weeks to submit the correct report after the investigation. In this regard, Upazila Implementation Officer Khokon Chandra said, I have come to know about the complaint of irregularities through you and will investigate. Legal action will be taken if the complaint is found to be true.

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